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Cuckold Etiquette


Are you a bull that has been invited to fuck a cuckold queen? There are some rules that you need to understand when entering this type of relationship. A solid understanding of established cuckold etiquette will help ensure you get invited back!


Be respectful


When invited to fuck a Cuckoldress you need to remember to be respectful. If her husband is present (and he usually is), the majority of times the cuckie is there to watch. Be respectful of him as well. Just because he is a cuck doesn’t mean that he is there for you to humiliate or degrade him. And, just because he is there doesn’t mean he is there to suck your dick or have you fuck him up the ass. If that is something you are looking for ask before you even set a date to come over. Not all Cukoldresses or cuckies are the same! Many cuckolds want to see another man give their wife pleasure. Nothing more, nothing less.


Follow the Cuckold Mistress’ lead


If the cuckie is into being humiliated follow the wife’s example. Don’t over do it. You don’t want to insult the cuckoldress. She is in this relationship with her husband for a reason! Even if you can’t see his good qualities or understand why a hottie like her is with the likes of him, keep that to yourself. If you upset the wife, not only do you risk not being invited back, you risk being asked to leave early. Why ruin a good time?


Interested in bisexual play?


If you find that you are looking for a couple that both the wife or husband will play with you. Make sure you are clear about that before your date. Nothing ruins the mood more when in the heat of things you cross someones boundaries, it can end the night early!

If the answer is no. Don’t try to persuade them or convince them to try. You have the choice to continue on and respect their boundaries or keep looking for a couple that is into what you are looking for.


Be safe


Remember to put your condom on. Don’t assume she wants you to go bareback. There are too many risks involved. Why risk it? I know how hot it is not having to wear a condom and I resent them just as much as you guys do. However, most Cuckoldresses even though they hate condoms will want you to wear a condom. Over time, they might give you permission to go in bareback but until you get the go ahead, wear a condom! And be a man about it! No whining!


Have fun!


Now that you have established boundaries remember, relax and have had a good time. Take the time out to thank both of them for a memorable night and give the couple privacy. They are in this lifestyle together as a couple. Give them time to enjoy the experience alone together as a couple. Unless they signal they want you to stay, it is better to leave early and leave them wanting more ,than overstaying your welcome. Wait a few days and send flowers or a thank you note to both and let them know how much fun you had. This increases your chances of being invited back. And, you do want that; don’t you? A little attention to your proper cuckold etiquette pays huge dividends in the end!


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