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Why Do I Get So Excited Watching My Wife With Her Lover?


Sensuality, sexuality and arousal take many forms. The spice of life has a rainbow of flavors, which makes sex an interesting and wide-ranging adventure for everyone.


Sometimes when a person experiences sexual desires that are outside of what some consider traditional or when they have interests that step beyond the confines of defined relationships, it may be hard to talk openly with others about it let alone pursue it. Getting sexually excited by watching your wife with another is one of those sexual arousal areas you may feel is taboo.


Well, hello! Guess what? You are not alone. It would surprise you to know just how many men are out there like you who get turned on by watching their wife or partner have sex with another man.


Am I a Loser?


Because of your unique sexual fetish, you may have asked yourself if you are a loser or if something is wrong with you because the thought of watching another man pump his cock into your wife’s pussy-hole totally gets you hard. The simple answer is no. The human sexual response is not a cut-and-dry experience. What your interest in watching your wife or partner have sex with another man suggests is that you aren’t a loser, actually but someone with a healthy, active imagination.


Am I Weak?


Because of your desires, you may have also asked yourself if you are weak because it turns you on seeing another man screw your wife. Again, having an exploratory sex life is having the courage to recognize your turn-ons and stepping outside the box to adventure into uncharted territory. No weakness there. Naysayers might say you should man up and stick up for yourself and if it’s turning you on, you are! By stepping back and letting your wife do it or by actively participating when she does. Either way it demonstrates the courage of sexual conviction, so bravo for manning up—the hard way!


Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell


Once you’ve had that courage to go with your sexual turn on, you’ve got some decisions to make. If part of the turn on is you knowing, but your wife not knowing you know, then it’s don’t ask don’t tell time. If you found some pictures, or caught her with the other guy and she has no idea and you want it to continue for your own sexual gratification, zip the mouth and say nothing. Then get busy being the turned on king you are—research. Does she meet him after work? Does he come over when you are at work? Position yourself to be there when she’s fucking him so you can satisfy your own desires and jerk yourself off while he fucks her. Bring a cell phone or a flip cam and tape the encounters for a later time so you can beat off to your wife’s pussy getting stuffed by someone else as much and as often as you want.


Bust Her


You may be a conflicted man, horny when you found the pictures of her sucking someone else’s cock and angry that she fucking cheated on you at the same time. Now that you know and she doesn’t yet know you know, you hold all the cards, man. So play them right.


You can confront her and ask her never to do it again, but hope she does. You can get a divorce and hold on to those pictures for your masturbating pleasure later. Or you can bust her and tell her you want to watch and participate next time. Or if part of your sexual makeup is to be submissive to a dominant woman, then beg her to keep doing it. Beg her to watch and beg her to participate.


Ways of the Wise


Whatever the scenario, you can get your hard-ons and your sexual needs met in many ways. If you choose to let her continue with this guy and don’t say anything, buy some cameras. Hide them in the house to shoot them fucking, sucking, spanking or whatever. Then you can enjoy hours of masturbating fun and they will never know.


If you bust your wife and let her know you want to be in this thing together, go to a bar, look for a third, break out the condoms and the lube and go crazy with yourself while your wife’s legs are spread wide open and someone else’s cock plugs her hole.


If you are submissive and want her to continue, politely ask permission to watch or tape her sexual encounters. She may answer yes, or instruct you to beg her. Whatever her decision, it any way you can.


Getting turned on by watching your wife fuck someone else is one of the myriads of sexual norms we as humans are deliciously allowed. Enjoy yourself, and embrace the cuckold life!


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