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Do All Cuckolds Have a Small Penis?


By virtue of the very definition of what a cuckold is, a man who acquiesces to their wives’ infidelities either by knowing about them, watching as they have them, or participating in them as a submissive, it would be a natural assumption to make that all cuckold men have small penis,’ or at the very least think that their cock size is so sorely inadequate that they would allow another man to pump his dick into their wives’ hole. But is it true? Do all cuckolds have a small penis?


Mine’s Bigger than Yours


From the moment a guy steps into the boys’ shower back in seventh grade, he becomes a cock comparer. That’s right. My dick is bigger than yours, unless it isn’t. If you’re the one with the skinny pencil dick, or the one with a cock the size of an index finger, you hide it. You get in and out of the shower just as fucking quick as you can to avoid as much humiliation as possible, and wrap the towel around the lower part of your body just as fast as you can. Fast forward ten, fifteen, and twenty years later, and you’re still always worrying that someone’s cock is bigger than yours. And if you are that guy, your dick probably is smaller.

Sexual research by Kinsey and others maintain the average size of a man’s cock is a little over six inches long, with the girth averaging almost five inches. But more recent studies suggest the average penis size at only five-and-a-half inches, sounds like more potential cuckolds and guys with bigger cocks will be more in demand.


The Mind Set of a Cuckold


If a man thinks less of himself or his cock, it stands to reason he would be more willing to tolerate, allow, or participate his wife’s or partner’s infidelities and her need to find another man with a bigger dick to please her. A man confident in his cock size would probably not be so inclined to let or allow another man to fuck his wife or partner because of that.

But in addition to feeling less than as a motivational component for a man to allow himself to be cuckold, there is another sexual component that has physiologically nothing to do with smaller cock size and that is the natural arousal a man feels when he thinks about or witnesses another man having sexual relations with his wife. It’s almost as much of a turn on for him to hear his wife talk about how men hit on her, or brush against her tits or ass, as it is for him to have her suck his cock when they are together in bed.


So What Do You Do If Your Dick is Small?


First off, don’t waste your hard earned bucks on one of those penis enlarging machines or lay down the cash at a vitamin store for a special bottled concoction that’s supposed to make your cock get bigger. None of that shit works. What you can do is fork over some greenies for a cock ring. It will keep your cock engorged once it gets hard so it will at least have the appearance and function somewhat as a bigger dick than it is.

Second, figure out what kind of sexual adventurer you are and use what you discover as a small cock aid. In other words, if you have a hot wife and you know the size of your cock is an issue, are you sexually adventurous enough to allow her to get her pussy stuffed by a guy with a bigger cock? Does the thought of that turn you on?

And if you are willing to explore enough to allow her to have other lovers, do you want to participate? Do other aspects of the cuckold fetish turn you on, like being submissive and eating her cream pie?

Real fact or not, for a man to fully embrace, participate in and sexually enjoy the cuckold fetish he must possess an element of belief that whatever he has to offer his wife or partner is not good enough or big enough. And consequently, her more complete arousal and satisfaction comes at the hands, tongue and dick of another.


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