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My Wife is Having Sex With Other Men Behind My Back – Am I a Cuckold?


I found out accidentally that my wife was having sex with other men.


My wife was at work. I was taking out the trash on the way to my own job. I emptied the can from the bathroom and noticed a compact disk barely sticking out from the wads of used Kleenex and q-tips. Someone had written “for you, honey” across the front with a marker.


I smiled, thinking I’d come across one of my wife’s secret anniversary presents for me. Our ten-year was coming up on the fourth. Curious, I put down the trash and headed for the computer to check out the CD. I slipped it in thinking it was a special music mix and was surprised to find a dozen jpeg files —pictures.


I clicked on the first thinking it would be one of our date photos at the beach or one of the vacation photos we took in Paris, but it wasn’t. It was a picture of one of us all right, my wife, and some guy I’d never seen before jerking himself off and teasing his cock while she lay naked on the bed! What the hell?


My heart pounded. My jaw locked. I clicked on the remaining pictures one after the other. One had her sucking his dick, another him fingering her pussy. There was one of him eating her and another where he fucked her doggy-style from behind. I was angry, devastated and then—horny?


What the Hell Was Wrong With Me?


I looked at my dick and it was hard from staring at the picture of some totally unknown guy stuffing my wife’s hole with his cock. I thought what the hell is wrong with me? Then I got up from the desk.


All the way to work I went from totally pissed-off, ready to explode to total horniness. Every time my brain flashed the pictures, my cock got hard.


I couldn’t concentrate at work that day. Every few minutes the image of my wife’s pussy and someone else’s cock filled my head. I tried closing my eyes, meditating even, but every time something useful, like a work thought filled my head, click—my brain went right back to one of the sex pictures. I’d see her sucking his dick or him fingering her hole all over again. By the end of the day, I really needed a drink.


The Bar Solution


I went to Nelly’s, a little box-of-a-bar a couple blocks from work. It was happy hour, so it was packed; guess everyone needed a drink that day. I scoped-out an empty spot at the bar and hustled over before anyone else snagged it.


I quickly ordered a shot of whiskey and a beer, knocked off the shot, closed my eyes and waited for the liquor to kick in and numb me from the insanity.


“Shitty day,” the man next to me asked.


“Shitty as hell,” I answered.


“I feel you, man” he replied.


And for the next hour, I poured out my heartache and horny-ache to this stranger named Joe. Joe listened, bought us drinks, raised his eyebrows more than once at what I was saying and patted me on the back as I finished my story.


“I’ve been in your shoes, buddy. I have absolutely, 100% percent been there.” And he told me all about it: his wife, the other guy, the dick in her pussy, and more. Joe told me all about his cuckold journey.


Joe’s Story


Joe actually walked in on the other-man and his wife action, found them in the backyard of his house, screwing on the grass. After he was done yelling and screaming and kicking the guy out of his house, Joe ran into the bathroom—and jerked off! He realized the whole thing turned him on! Seeing his wife having sex with other men made him so horny.


Joe never told his wife. She swore she wouldn’t do it again, but of course she did. And the next time, sure enough, Joe walked in again. This time his wife was sucking the other guy’s dick. Instead of breaking it up, Joe left and jerked himself off in his car.


I never told my wife I found the pictures. She and that guy still get it on. And they still take pictures. I download them from her camera and share them with Joe.


Joe shows me the ones of his wife and the guy she fucks around with too, when we meet once a week at the bar. Life is good. What I’m hoping now is my wife will make me watch her get fucked by the other guy some day. Maybe that’s what I’ll ask for, for my birthday this year.


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