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Why Does my Wife Want to Make Me Her Cuckold?


You’re a lucky guy. Your wife is 5 feet nine inches tall, nothing but lean long legs and a tight round ass. Her breasts stick up straight and her nipples punch-out against the low cut tops she usually wears. Men turn, whistle and openly lust after her, some women too. You married your hot wife and now she wants to make you her cuckold. Are you down with that or not?


What is a Cuckold?


A general definition states a cuckold is a man who is aware of and allows or submits to his wife’s cheating ways. A cuckold’s sexual gratification comes principally from knowing of, watching, or being allowed to participate in his wife’s philandering and prick teasing. He may also be aroused by her verbally sharing stories of her flirtations, in other words, his cock gets spun when she tells him about the checker at the market ogling her tits.


Wake Up, Dude, Your Wife Needs More


You married a hot woman, man. What were you thinking? Hot women love sex, they need sex as much as you do. One of the reasons she wants to cuckold you if because you aren’t enough for her. There! I said it! Your hot wife with the hot pussy wants and needs more than just your dick. Understand?

Hot women liked to be touched, they love the feeling of their nipples being sucked and twisted. Hot women love the feel of a man’s hand grabbing the bubble of their ass. Their cunts ache to get stuffed by big thick dicks twenty-four seven. And you can’t cut it. Your dick isn’t big enough or good enough. Face it, you just can’t keep up with her and she wants more. That’s why she wants to cuckold you.


So, Are You in Or Are You Out?


By now, you’re probably sitting on a bar stool somewhere, throwing back shots, trying to figure out what the fuck to do with all of this. But is there really a decision to make? I mean honestly, is a pathetic small-dicked Neanderthal like you really ready to give up the hottest woman that you will ever be with in your life? Duh, no! Of course not.

You’re stuck in it. So have another drink man, and work with it.


What to Expect

Expect to be her bitch, man. And love it. If you are even considering the question after you find out cuckolding you is what she wants, then there is a big part of you that wants it that way and knows she should. No shame in being a sub, man. Get your kicks wherever and whenever you can. You have a hot wife, so that’s the way she rolls.

Hot women like to completely cuckold their men. She’ll want to tell you about all of her sexual encounters and watch you squirm in shock and throb in a turn on while you listen to her recount how she got in a car with another man, flashed her tits and sucked his cock or how she got cornered leaving the supermarket and let some total stranger feel her wet pussy hole. You ready for that, Mr. Cuckold?

Parties will be a new experience for you. She’ll mingle and linger like you’ve never seen her do before, particularly with the men. All night she’ll be looking for that right man with the right pair of balls and the right dick to fill up her cunt hole like it should be. And when she finds him, she’ll disappear into one of the bedrooms with him, you following behind like the cuckold you are. And then she’ll make you watch, she may even make you masturbate while they fuck on the bed right in front of you; her legs spread wide open, his cock pumping her pussy till it drips with his cum. And then she’ll make you eat her creampie, her wet pussy filled with his creamy-white jiz juice. But it won’t stop there, she’ll have you lick her cum off his dick and send you back into the main part of the party for another one to please her. This is what she wants from men. This is what it means to be her cuckold.

And you and your fucking rock-hard tiny penis know that’s what you want, too.


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