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Why Does My Wife Want Sex With a Black Man?


Maybe you’ve been married three years, or maybe just three months. Your wife likes sex, every bit as much as you, maybe more if you think about it. You fuck pretty much every day, and she can cum and cum and cum. But something’s up. Something has changed in the way she looks at you, and the way her face looks when you strip down to get a blow job or jump her bones. Her eyes always drift down to your cock and she makes a face, you can’t quite make out what it is? Lust maybe? She can’t believe how beautiful it is and how hung you are?


No, stupid! She can’t believe how fucking teenie-tiny your pecker is, and how she can even feel that itty-bitty thing inside her at all! What she’s really thinking, while you puff up your chest, stick out your cock and think that you are all that, is how much she wants to have sex with a black man. That’s right. The rumor mill for years has said that black man have bigger, better and thicker cocks. She’s thinking your pathetic little dick is nothing and she needs a black man’s cock to gratify her. So what do you think about that, mister itty-bitty penis? Now what are going to do about it?


Decision Time and Options


The decision that you have to make, and the only one you have any control over really, is if you are going to be a part of this thing or not. And that all boils down to hot fucking sexy hot your wife is and how real you get about yourself.


If the woman you married thinks your dick is pathetic and unsatisfying then chances are, she’s one-hundred percent right. So stop kidding yourself. It sounds like you’re lucky she’s even still with you, mister pencil dick. Looks like it might not be so easy for you to find another woman who will put up with your dinky penis. That leaves you with a couple of options.


Option one— leave. Take your tweezers size dick and head out the door. You’ll be left alone to masturbate when you get horny (if you can even find that tweezers size dick in your pants). You’ll be lucky if anyone even dates you, let alone sleeps with you. Your life will be filled with nights out at the bar where you’ll be the fodder of gossip. People will whisper about you, that you are the guy with the pathetic dick who can’t get laid. They’ll snicker at you when you walk by and laugh out loud at your sad little dick when you head for the men’s room. The only good thing that will come out of it, is that the bartender will probably feel bad enough for you that he fronts you a free drink or two. You’ll quickly become a shut-in with your only friend being— your right hand.


Option Two— stay and learn to love it. Now unzip your pants, take out your dick and look at it. Once you’ve done that you will realize this is your only real option. Get out of the way while your wife has sex with a black man, and loves every minute of it.


What Happens Next


The horny slut you married gets to have both you and the black man with the big dick, that’s what happens. She cuckolds you, a term used to refer to men who acquiesce to their wives’ infidelities either by knowing about them, watching as they have them, or participating in them as a submissive.


The good thing is you, and your pathetic little dick are probably turned on by the thought of this. Oh, yeah your secret is out! Just thinking about a black man with a big fat dick stuffing it into your wife’s oozing wet pussy makes your little dick throb. And that’s just the start. Soon she’ll be telling you exactly what the black man with the huge cock does, how he licks her hole, twists the nipples on her titties, how he slaps her ass and eats her cunt till she cums. And then, how he climbs on top of her pale white body and pumps his dark brown cock into her cunt.


She’ll moan and cry-out with pleasure on the bed as she cums and his jism juice explodes inside of her. She finally has been fucked the way she should by a real man with a real dick and it will rock your body and fucking turn you on the whole time she is describing it to you. You’ll be just as turned on as she is, when she tells you all about sex with a black man.


It’s no wonder she wants to screw a black man with a big dick and a thick wide tongue, she’s never had it so good, so be grateful she hasn’t left you. Yet.


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