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5 Types of Cuckolds


There are many different types of cuckolds. This article takes a look at 5 types of cuckolds. Which type of cuckold are you or which type do you want to be?

The basics of the cuckold relationship is that she gets to have sex with whoever she wants to. Of course, then you start getting in to all the different permutations of the fetish. Does he watch? Does he help pick out the guys? Does he participate in other ways? Every cuckold relationship is different, but here are 5 different ones I’ve come across.


Types of Cuckolds: The Voyeur


For this cuckold, it’s all about watching. He may be sitting or lying right next to her on the bed, or he may be locked in a closet, having to peer out the keyhole while his hot wife is getting laid. In some cases, he might not even be there – he just hear the story later, while their lying in bed and he’s furiously stroking his hard cock, getting off on the fact that his wife is enjoying herself – and other cocks!


The Fluffer


This cuckold fluffer takes an active role in the proceedings, as it were. His job is to suck that Bull’s cock and make sure that is completely and totally ready for her. How’s that you ask? Well, c’mon, you all watch porn, you know what a fluffer is! Usually it a woman whose job is to give the male talent a tremendous blow job before they go on camera – no one wants a limp dick!

Well, neither does your Cuckoldress. When she lays down on the bed, spreads her leg and beckons her stud to her, she wants that cock rock hard and ready! Just don’t do too good a job and have him shooting his hot cum in your mouth…Mistresses DO NOT like to wait!


The Clean-Up Cuckold


The whole point of fucking is to get off – me, multiple times, and my Bull at least once. Well, all that pussy juice and his cock cream can make quite a mess, and I’m certainly not cleaning it up – and it’s not my stud’s job! That’s where you come in, Clean Up Cuck. At the very least, you’re going to be sucking up that cream pie.

If you’re good, it may just give me a few more orgasms and satisfy me. A cuck might also be expected to lick that cock clean as well – and that may lead to a very pleasing outcome – the Bull, hard once again. Where do you think that dick is going?


The Sissy Cuckold


Sissies make excellent cuckolds. First off, for some Bulls it’s much easier for them to be fluffed or have their cocks cleaned afterwards if they see how very feminine sissy cuckold strives to act, look and be. For the sissy cuck, being dressed in panties, bra, stockings, and heels can add to the humiliation.

Not only are these sissy cuckolds allowing their cheating girlfriend to fuck other men in front of them – men whose cocks they have to fluff – but they have to do it while looking like a feminized whore! It IS a great look!


The Chastity Cuckold


Most cucks are cuckolds because their tiny little penis is much too small to satisfy their hot wives. Well, if that cock isn’t useful for anything, why should it be free? Lock it up, I say! Again, I think humiliation is a huge part of the chastity cuckold lifestyle.

Leaving that cock caged up and in chastity is a constant reminder that their dicks aren’t really good for anything and that there’s a reason why she’s banging other men. Men with big, huge, throbbing cocks!


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