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How Can I Get My Wife to Cuckold Me?


You have a secret. You’ve been thinking about it for a while now. It’s not one you can necessarily tell your best friend cause he might think you’re an idiot, or worse, a fucking pussy.

And you’re not ready to tell your wife, even though that’s what your secret is about— your wife. You fantasize about some guy throwing her down on the bed, pulling down her dripping wet panties and fucking her right in front of you. The question keeps you up at night: How can I get my wife to cuckold me?!


What is a Cuckold?


The standard definition of a cuckold is a man who is aware of and allows, or submits to, his wife’s sexual infidelities with others and actually derives sexual pleasure and gratification from her infidelities.

Historically, the term “cuckold” was used to refer to a man in a derogatory fashion, referring to the fact that the man being cuckolded is usually the last to know of his wife’s indiscretions. Back in the day some European village communities would gather en masse to humiliate a man whose wife gave birth to a child obviously not his. But times have changed. Cuckolding is a fetish commonly practiced and enjoyed across the globe.


Suggested Ways to Get Your Wife to Cuckold You


Not to be obvious, but honesty is the best policy. If you’ve been married a fair amount of time, hopefully you’ve built a relationship with your wife that is based on trust. So share your turn-on with her.

If you occasionally watch adult videos to spice things up, rent one with cuckolding in it. Watch how she responds. If it’s all good, that might be the perfect time to come clean and suggest it to her.

If she needs a little nudging, have a fantasy fuck session. While you’re fingering her clit and sucking her nipples, have her tell you something she fantasizes about. Then when it’s your turn, tell her your turn-on while she sucks your dick. Tell her how you dream of watching some guy spread her legs and pump her pussy till she explodes in an orgasm.

If she needs extra coaxing go out for a night of role-play. Take her to dinner. Tell her you want to pretend you don’t know each other and whatever character she creates has to be married. Then when you take it back home and you are in bed screwing your brains out, play up the “I think your husband is watching” part of the sexual role play.

But you may be ahead of the game already. Your wife may be an adventurous one, one who you’ve shared other fantasies and role-play games with, so it may be as easy as going to a bar, throwing back a few beers and bringing home some guy you meet there. You pull out the condoms, go to your corner and masturbate to a fantasy-frenzy while the total stranger cock-pumps your wife’s hole.


Your Wife May Already Be Cuckolding You


You may be further surprised. Your wife may already have a little cuckolding game in mind to weave some adventure into your sex life. If you really want to push the envelope and see if that’s where she’s at, invite one of your friends over. A guy you trust or maybe a buddy of yours that she’s flirted with after a couple of drinks at one of your parties.

Liquor them both up and leave the room. Make sure you plant yourself where you have a full view of everything. Watch and see, and if you’ve done your homework right, the minute you split they’ll be inching closer on the couch and in no time flat they’ll be kissing. Call out like you’re all the way upstairs, tell them you’re tired, they can still hang out or whatever other bullshit you need to communicate to get them to take their flirtation to the next level.

Give them a beat, take a peak and there they’ll be in a super tongue-twanging make-out session, titty grabbing including. By now your dick is probably full throttle, so stroke yourself. Try to pace your jerk-off with the pace of their foreplay. They’ll know their time is limited, so it will probably be a quick fuck for everyone involved.

In the morning, you can either act like you don’t know what the hell hit you or what happened at all, and you can work your wife for extra attention cause she’ll feel guilty as hell. Or you can tell her. You can break the news to her right when she’s feeling the guiltiest that you set the whole thing up so she’ll cuckold you. Just know you might be opening up a horny can of worms with that, so watch out!

Whatever way you choose, cuckolding should prove to be a stimulating sexual adventure for you and your wife. You’ll never need to ask “How do I get my wife to cuckold me?”, instead, you’ll know.


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