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How to Cheat on Your Husband and Get Away with it.

by Ms. Simone of


As most of you boys know, I got married in 2014. This makes me officially part of the fetish of cuckolding. I am a married woman that cheats on My husband. Now, in all honesty, we don’t consider it cheating since all parties are aware of my little escapades. I deeply enjoy multiple partners in My life. Perhaps it’s because I’m a Gemini, perhaps it’s because I have a huge sex drive, I just do not know. All I know is I enjoy my sexual appetites. This is my guide to how to cheat on your husband (and get away with it).


Don’t be ashamed of your sex drive.


Many women are ashamed that they want to be with more than one partner. Society has after all taught us that we should look for one husband, not multiple lovers. One thing that helped me with acceptance of my sex drive was actually reading the author, Laurel K Hamilton. She has a fairy and a vampire series. The “Anita Blake Vampire Series” was wonderful with helping me understand my sex drive. The fairy series also has a lot of sex in it. I think it’s important if you want to be a cuckold to read literature that accepts the lifestyle. If you have a strong sex drive and want to cheat on your husband, there are ways to do that!


Being single while married.


Most guys won’t even notice the wedding band if you act like a single woman. I have known many women to wear a wedding band to stop guys from flirting with them. I think most guys have caught on to that trick. For the most part, if a woman flirts, men respond, it’s pretty simple.


Be a traveling business woman.


Sometimes, I will go sit in a bar of a nice five star hotel. My husband will watch Me order drinks. He will wait and, lo and behold, some guy will sit next to me and begin to flirt. We usually make this a sort of thing where we will get a room there. Most of the time, I just flirt with the stranger. Then I act disinterested and My husband and I go back to our room and have sex all night. Occasionally, we will do something a bit more adventurous. Having a supportive cuckold husband is important to being in a successful cuckold relationship. Getting them aroused can be easy if you keep bringing up the topic in small ways.


Don’t go all the way at first.


If you want to turn your husband into a man that accepts you sleeping with other guys. Don’t go all the way at first. Start out, by telling him that you want to get a massage. It’s even better if the therapist comes over to your house. He will see another guy massaging you and instantly get a little uncomfortable. If you can move him out of that state, then you’ve got him. Tell him how happy you are that he allowed you to get a massage. Tell him how much better you feel.


Make love to your man like a wild banshee


Whether you are on step one, or actually sleeping with other men, it’s important that afterwards you act like a wild woman to your husband. He will look forward to having you after another man if you act different. If you perform tasks that you normally do not such as blow jobs to completion or wild sexual positions, then he will look forward to your adventures with enthusiasm. Finally, always use condoms and never take any chances when exploring your new cuckold revolution.

Enjoy and Have Fun!


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