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The Accidental Cuckold


I never thought much about marriage till Jennifer came along. I’m a relationship guy and a monogamy guy. I’m just not a “let’s get married kind of guy.” One day that came around to bite me in the ass and make me eat my words. That’s how I became an accidental cuckold.


But like I said, that was before Jennifer. Jennifer is the kind of brown-haired blue-eyed tall-drink-of-water that makes any normal guy jump into the “till death do us part” thing. Jennifer is the whole package from her brilliant brain to her even more brilliant tits. So when she asked me to marry her, I said I do. That was seven years ago.


My work takes me out of state from time to time. Jen and I, I thought, had a good relationship, so I never worried about being away from her for a couple of days. I wasn’t doing anything on my business trips, you know? Maybe the occasional pay-per-view porn back at my hotel, but no infidelity.


But that wasn’t the case for my wifey-dearest Jennifer. Every time I went away she was out there getting fucked by some other guy.


Someone’s Been Sleeping in My Bed


First I found the used condom, which was gross and pissed me off. Then two weeks later, I found them together. I was supposed to be on my way to Nashville on one of my business trips, but I got a last minute text from my boss that the project was rescheduled, as I was about to board the plane.


I drove back home, opened my front door and walked in on my wife and some guy fucking on the couch. The scream I wanted to shout welled up in my throat. They were so busy getting it on, they were clueless I was there. My legs started to shake, my hands sweat, I wanted to turn away, but I couldn’t. The harder he pumped her, the more I found myself getting turned on. It was crazy. I felt like I was such a pussy.


But I couldn’t help it. My cock bulged. Jennifer moaned. I panicked, backed out of my house, ran to my car, got in, and drove away. I felt ashamed, humiliated and mad at myself for not manning up and kicking the guy’s ass.


What was fucking me up was my turn-on about the whole thing. I couldn’t stop thinking of him pumping my wife’s pussy and when I did, my cock got hard. I had accidentally walked in on them and accidentally discovered this fucking perversion of mine – cuckold. I looked it up on the Internet. I was becoming an accidental cuckold!


To Tell or Not To Tell


My shame and embarrassment led me to not say anything. I was ashamed watching them got me turned-on and ashamed that I hadn’t said anything. Life felt pretty fucked up.


It was a couple weeks after it happened. I was scheduled to go on another one of my trips. I was packing my suitcase for an over-nighter and my wife walked in; she’d been cooking downstairs. I thought she basically had come up to tell me it was time to eat, but instead she had a couple of glasses in her hand and a bottle of wine. She sat down on the bed, poured us both a glass and patted the space next to her to come sit down.


She pulled me toward her and slipped her tongue in my mouth for a long deep kiss.


“It turned you on, didn’t it?” she asked.


“I always dig your kisses,” I answered.


“No,” she continued, “watching him fuck me.”


My face flushed red with heat. How the hell did she know? I couldn’t believe it! I was so embarrassed that what she was saying was true I couldn’t even confront her on the fact that she was fucking around on me. I got up from the bed, stuffed the rest of my clothes into the suitcase and ran downstairs.


“I need to put this in my car.”


I heard her laughing at me all the way down the stairs.


Back From My Trip


This time, she didn’t try to hide it at all. In fact my wife set it up for me to watch, really watch.


When I opened the door, my wife and the same guy were rolling around on the living room carpet, fucking like animals—all grunts and groans. My wife had left a glass of wine, lube and a fake pussy on the credenza by the front door with a post-it that read “ Welcome home, honey. I missed you.”


And that’s how I accidentally became a cuckold. My wife and whatever guy are always waiting inside when I get back from my trips. I get to watch from a distance while they fuck and suck. Makes me excited to get back when my work takes me away from home.


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