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What is a Cuckold Creampie?


You stand in the corner, submissively watching as your wife’s other lover throttles his cock into her pussy. Head down, you obediently wait your turn. You hear them moaning, you hear the slap of his torso spanking your wife’s ass as he fucks her. He cums. He shoots his thick wad of creamy white juice deep into her hole and it now it’s your turn, your honor really, to be instructed to lick your wife’s pussy clean of that cum. Yumalicious. In the cuckold community, the splosh of cum soaking your wife’s pussy, is called a cream pie. Not your typical slice of grandma’s dessert, is it?


Cream Pie by Definition


Sexually speaking, a “cream pie” is an opening or orifice, usually a cunt or an anus, that has been recently penetrated and where ejaculation has occurred and a load of cum has been left behind. Usually a woman’s pussy is referred to as the “pie” and the cum that is left behind by her lover is known as the “cream,” hence the “cream pie” reference.


In the cuckolding community, it is the ultimate humiliation for a cuckold that another man has fucked his wife and has ejaculated deep inside her with his thick, white cum juice. It is also the cuckold’s ultimate reward and service when his wife orders or allows him the honor of licking her cum-filled pussy clean.


Different Kinds of Desserts


Just like “apple pie” might be considered the “usual” at your local eatery, the standard “cream pie” in the cuckold community is juicy white cum up a cunt left behind by a man. But like a nice, big, traditional pie shop, where you can go for a slice of raspberry, cream cheese or key lime, the cuckold community has it’s own varieties to spice up your sex life and get you turned-on, stimulated, sated and wanting seconds. Some of them are:


Cumming Home Cream Pie


Cuckolds are not always allowed to be in the presence of or active participants in their wives sexual adventures with other men, that aspect of a cuckold’s pleasure may be denied.


When the cuckold is kept out of the room completely while his wife and the other man fuck, or if the wife actually leaves the house and returns after her sexual encounter with the other man and time has lapsed, the cuckold gets a piece of what is sometimes called the “cuming home pie.” The C.H.P., for short, is the cum and other sex leftovers the cuckold must clean off from his wife’s pussy and other orifices, basically the sex mess left behind by another man. Some consider this particularly harsh and humiliating for the cuckold because he hasn’t had the pleasure of even watching his wife get it on. Oh well. Just think of it as an extended cuckold cock tease.


Make Mine a Dark Chocolate Pie


Right or wrong, black men are stereotypically thought to have huge cocks, bigger than white guys. This stereotype makes for added humiliation for cuckolds, who traditionally are believed to actually have smaller dicks. It can also add an additional element of excitement to a cuckold fantasy in its bi-racialism, the thrill of black-white, “exotic” sex. For a cuckold to be humiliated in such a less-than fashion watching a man with a bigger dick do it better, the actual eating of a “dark chocolate pie” the black man’ s cum from his white wife’ s pussy, can be the ultimate in humiliation for a submissive cuckold, even if the cuckold does not have a smaller dick.


His and Hers Pie


Cum comes in all flavors, his and hers. A “his and hers” pie, also known as a “snowball”, is where a cuckold’s wife performs oral sex on another male and instructs or demands that her cuckold orally clean the cum from her mouth. For a cuckold, this is a complete humiliation, as the connection here is between the men and he must submissively swallow the cum of the man that is fucking his wife.


Butt Hole Pie


This delicious slice of cuckold heaven is where the cuckold eats the other man’s cum cream from his wife’s butt hole. Some consider this the ultimate in humiliation, as it is often the case the cuckold is not allowed to penetrate his wife’s anus but the other man is. Others believe the ultimate humiliation is when another man ejaculates into the wife’s pussy.


Choices, Choices, Choices


Whatever slice of cuckold pie you, your wife, or her partners choose, they all represent the many delicious selections at the buffet of the cuckold fetish world. All are exercises in humiliation and pleasure that will surely excite and bring explosive orgasms to the participants.


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