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You’re the Man Who Buys Me Things; He’s the Man Who Makes Me Cum


Is this your wife? Actually, is this what your wife said to you after you walked in on her in your bedroom, her legs wide open, toes pointing toward the ceiling while the pool man that you pay for was fucking her like a junk yard dog? “You buy me things, but he makes me cum!”


Yep. That’s your hot wife, the one with the brand new car and the paid-for Pilates trainer, who she’s probably screwing too, and you’re the pussy who is married to her. You’re a cuckold, man, plain and simple. You buy her things, he makes her cum.


Cuckold, Me?


A cuckold is a man who is aware of and allows, or submits to, his wife’s sexual infidelities and may actually derive sexual pleasure and gratification from them.


Historically, the word “cuckold”was principally used in an insulting fashion and refers to the sad fact that the man being cuckolded is usually the last to find out about his wife’s infidelities. Tradition suggests that some European village communities were known to have gathered to collectively humiliate a man whose wife gave birth to a child recognizably not his own. According to this legend, a parade was held in which the clueless husband would be made to wear antlers or horns on his head as a symbol of his wife’s infidelity.


Some still consider cuckolds as weak, including many of the men’s wives. Others find it just another flavor in the human buffet of sexual experiences. Regardless, the fact is cuckolding is a commonly practiced and enjoyed sexual fetish throughout the world.


The Man that Buys Her Things


If you are still with the wife or woman you buy everything for, then welcome to the world of cuckolding, cause that’s totally what you are – mister cuckold. And if you are still there after hearing her say you “you’re the man who buys me things; he’s the man who makes me cum.” you aren’t going anywhere. She must be a hottie and a hottie always translates into a keeper. So it’s time to embrace the inner cuckold that you are and work with it.


The truth of the matter is either you are the weak piece of pussy she thinks you are, if you buy her stuff and someone else gets to bag her, or the joke’s on her cause you secretly get off thinking of or watching someone else stuff your wife’s hole. If it’s the former, it’s time to get to know the latter, in other words, if you’re stuck watching the fuck, maybe it’s part of your pleasure too.


If you are submissive or just discovered you are as a result of your wife’s infidelities and your choice not to leave, then get your fair share of pleasure either by developing a true femdom relationship with your wife where you serve her, are instructed by her, and where you derive your pleasure principally by pleasing her. Or, if you are submissive and stuck, create sexual pleasure for yourself from her dalliances, while he makes her cum.


He Makes Her Cum


Part of making this as stimulating and gratifying a sexual experience for you as it is for your wife and the other guy, is how you participate in their fuck sessions. If your wife continues to cheat and she doesn’t know that you know she’s still doing it, make the watching and her not knowing part of your pleasure. Film her, follow her, masturbate while you watch or stuff one of those soft, spongy fake pussies with your cock while you are watching her.


If she knows you know and wants you to be a part of it by watching her and or masturbating while you watch, let yourself go with it. Find angles and the proximity that turn you on the most. Find out if you can be a part of her selection process or if you can suggest positions or things you’d like to watch them do.


Is she is your femdom in the realest sense, the humiliation element of cuckolding may be the principle component of your sexual relationship. She may tell you she wants another dick in her hole because you are not an adequate lover, or that your cock is too small. She may aggressively make you watch someone else pump his cock into her pussy or make you watch as she sucks another man’s dick. Make you watch while he makes her cum.


If indeed you are the man who buys her things and he’s the man who makes her cum, get used to pulling out that wallet. And get used to finding creative ways to make your position as a cuckold sexually work for you.


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