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The Coerced Cuckold: Blake’s Story


Nothing better than a little bull riding at the Pecos Bill Western Bar here in Oklahoma. It’s my favorite Saturday night activity, besides screwing the wife.


A few months ago I was on my way out the door to throw back a few shots with the boys at the Pecos when my wife, Bunny, came flying down the steps in a clit-lip tight jeans and stiletto-heeled cowgirl boots. She wrapped her arms around me, threw her bosoms into my face and asked if she could mosey along with me.


Now, a couple years back we’d gone to a marriage counselor. Bunny complained I was working too much, which I was and I complained I didn’t want to spend all my time off watching her shop for clothes at the mall.


The counselor suggested we arrange date nights and buddy nights. I agreed, particularly when the counselor gave Bunny the once-over when Bunny left to use the bathroom. He told me what a hot wife I had and I should work harder to keep her pleased or another guy would steal her, I reckon someone like him.


So that’s why when Bunny asked to come along on my buddy night, I said yes.




Our first round was tequila shots, Bunny’s favorite. We hit the dance floor, did a little two-step, bump-and-grind kind combo, headed back to the bar. I had to take a piss. By the time I returned, Bunny had moved to the opposite side of the bar next to the buffest cowboy I’d ever seen. The man’s hands were the size of Texas.


They were chatting away, which I admit, didn’t sit well with me. I walked up quiet-like and possessively wrapped my arm around Bunny’s waist. She smiled, introduced us.


“Honey, this is Will. He was my boyfriend back at SMU.”


“Hey, buddy. Good to meet you.” Will extended his massive hand.


“You too,” I said. And with that, Will bought the next round of drinks.


The Bull and My Balls


Things were getting kind of fuzzy. Bunny and I had been making out all night, in front of Will, and he’d seemed to dig it. I felt-up her tits, fingered her hole through her jeans. She rubbed my cock while we sat at the bar. Then my name came up to ride the bull. Bunny and Will, clapped and pushed me toward the bull.


I climbed on up. It turns out I was only bucking on the thing a few seconds when my jeans got caught in the saddle hitch and started pinching my balls! It took everything not to scream! Thank god the bull operator saw and stopped the ride.


I hobbled off to a drunken round of applause. My dick and balls were throbbing like crazy, not in a good way. I needed to sit.


Great Ride!


“That was a great ride my friend,” Will said and bought me another shot. Bunny wrapped her arms around me, slipped her tongue into my mouth, and grabbed my cock—


I yelped— “Ouch! My balls!”


“What the fuck was that about?”


“The bull ride pinched my ball sac. It fucking hurts like hell!”


“So what does that mean, baby,” she sweetly asked? “Is your itty bitty dickey too sore to stuff my box?”


I nodded my head, kissed her and apologized.


The Coercion


And that’s when I got talked into the whole cuckold thing— letting another man fuck my wife.


We left the bar, me still hobbling, and walked to the car. Bunny hugged Will goodbye a little too long, then got in the car. I started up the engine and Bunny started her pout.


“Honey, I’m really horny.”


“Baby, I know,” I answered. “I told you, I’m sorry.”


“But honey, I’m really, really, horny and I want to fuck. I NEED to fuck.”


And boom, there it was. The image of that damn marriage counselor popping into my head telling me how hot Bunny was and how I would lose her.


“Will’s only in town for tonight. We can even do it right here in the back seat, so you can watch everything.”


I couldn’t believe what I was hearing but at the same time, it turned me on a little.


“Come on, honey. Just this one time,” Bunny begged.


Two minutes later Will and Bunny were at it in the back seat. I watched in the rear view mirror as another man sucked on her titties, fingered her pussy, made her moan, had his dick sucked and then jammed that thing up, down and all around in her cunt hole. You couldn’t see out of the windows they were so steamed.


And this one time happens once a month now, every time Will comes to town. I’m a coerced cuckold now for life, I guess.


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