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The Cuckold’s Guide to Pleasing Your Wife and Her Lover—Brian’s Edition


Before you feel sorry for me, I enjoy being submissive. Some people thing being a cuckold is weak, but for me, and many others there is strength and pride in our submissiveness. I am a bank officer by day in Salt Lake City, Utah. The decisions I make are weighty and depended upon by many, many people. It is a joy and a gift, that when it comes to sex, my wife is in charge and makes decisions for us.


When I began this journey with my wife and her lovers, I felt ill equipped and awkward with what was expected from me. I so wanted to please my wife and please her partners and had little guidance as to how. So I created this, a handy handbook of pleasure, if you will. And I gladly now pass it on to you.




Servitude and submission is the key. Let the weight lift from your shoulder and let your wife instruct you. Your role and job is to pleasure your spouse and her partners. Your arousal and pleasure is secondary. Don’t tell her, but what I found for myself is that it is arousing and pleasurable in itself. Every time I am asked to watch or instructed to turn away when another man is finger fucking my wife, my cock gets hard, my heart beats faster, and my body parts tingle. It is a delicious side effect from their pleasure.




It is your job and pleasure to ready for their sexual adventures. Your hot wife will let you know and if she is too busy, politely ask her what she needs for her day or evenings adventure. Condoms, wine, water, lubricant, toys, towels, they may be necessary items for her sexual enjoyment and gratification. Prepare wherever and whatever she chooses. Interestingly as you are doing so, perhaps while changing the bed and putting on fresh sheets or when putting condoms on the play mat on the floor, you will find yourself getting aroused. Images of your wife on all fours fucking another man on the floor or in bed flood your brain and turn you on. Your preparation time will surely pass in a hard-on way!




If your wife includes you in the selection process of her sexual partners, you want to help her find those that will please her. If she likes to have her pussy eaten and loves the feel of scruff on her clit, guide her to the man with the well-trimmed beard or the goatee. If she loves thick hands to squeeze her breasts, look for a man who can easily cup her bosoms in his hand. This seeking too, may arouse you, another way you find pleasure and sexual excitement in her pleasure.

If your wife chooses not to include you in her search, sit quietly at the bar, or off to the side in the club while she makes her selection. There is pleasure in every instruction she gives you.


Sexual Situations


Wives and their needs are as different as the colors of the rainbow, as are their additional partners. Your job and role is to submit and be available to your wife and her lover’s needs in every sexual situation. You may be asked to bathe them both as they linger in a bath before or after they fuck. You may be instructed to stand very close and watch them as they fuck or be ordered to stand in the other room and listen. Your wife may cuckold you by humiliation while her partner is pleasuring her or while you are licking her pussy after he finishes. She may taunt you with commands like “Watch! Watch the man and his big dick fuck me! Your dick is too small! It isn’t big enough to fuck my hole!” She may you instruct you to pull out your tiny penis and masturbate because that is all it will ever be able to do.


She may have you hold her legs while he fucks her or command you to watch as he licks her pussy, so you will learn the right way to do it. And when they are done, she may ask you to thank him for showing you how to properly fuck your wife.


I certainly hope this has been a help to you. The cuckold’s guide to pleasing your wife (and her lover) should be required reading. Cuckolds unite!


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