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What is a Cuckold Fluffer?


On your own, in your head or in your dreams, do you ever think of sucking a man’s cock? Do you wonder what it would be like to feel his throbbing shaft pushing at the back of your throat and squirting a thick white stream of sex juice into your mouth? You may not have, but your femdom has. And that’s what she has in store for you.


Cuckolds are men who are aware of and allow, or submit to, their wives’ sexual infidelities. Additionally, a cuckold’s sexual pleasure and gratification comes exclusively from knowing of, watching or being allowed to participate in her extra-marital affairs. A cuckold fluffer takes cuckolding to an entirely different fetish level. A cuckold fluffer is a man that not only watches his wife take another man’s cock, but also readies the cock for her to take—by sucking it himself. Seriously. The bond between the femdom that controls him and the men she fucks is sensually, erotically and psychologically sealed.


While Your Femdom Watches


Nothing pleases a femdom wife more than watching her cuckold husband slip a guy’s cock into his mouth for the first time. From shock, maybe even gaging, to the eventual gobbling up of the other man’s cum, the femdom likes what she sees, especially watching her cuckold husband’s cock grow fully erect while he sucks off the other man. A cuckold as a sex fluffer is the ultimate in submission and the ultimate in arousal for the femdom.


What Your Femdom Wants


She wants you to be a superstar cocksucker for her. She’s not going to ask if you want to do it, she’s going to demand you do it. Your femdom is in charge, so there is no pathetic whining, no room for discussion. Get on your knees!


This is for her pleasure and it pleases and arouses her as first you squirm with discomfort at the taking of a man’s cock in your mouth and then how you dig it, how you swallow and suck and rock yourself to a mega-hard on with his big thick shaft stuffed in your mouth.


She demands you lick the tip, then take it into your open mouth and clean-lick the balls. You’ve watched how your femdom sucks his dick, how it turns you on. Now it’s her turn to watch you suck him to erection, it’s time to show her what you’ve learned. She knows that the more you ready a man’s cock for her, the more you’ll be begging to suck even more dick.


Your femdom loves making her cuckold get on his knees in submission before a more deserving cock, watching him worship it with his hands and mouth, giving it the respect it deserves, after all it’s that cock, not the cuckold’s, that will soon be inside her, pumping her pussy into a dripping frenzy.


Cocksucking Variations


Your femdom’s sensual and sexual pleasures may include exciting and horny-making variations on your cuckold-fluffer cocksucking duties. She may have you bathe the other man’s cock. She may have you lather up a special cloth and suds the length of his shaft, the tip of the penis and the rounds of his balls. She might have you dry his cock then, gently, carefully, and with respect. She may have you worship every inch of his cock by kissing it, rubbing it, and stroking it, your cock grows harder as you do and she knows it.


After you are done sucking his cock and readying it for her, she may have you watch as he jams his cock into her dripping wet hole. And when they are done, she’ll have you lick her creampie and then have you clean-lick his dick again, readying it for her to suck if she wants. Whatever is her pleasure. You like that, don’t you?


There are so many things your sex-wise femdom can dream up for you to do when it comes to cocks, your lips will be wet with cock cum and your knees will be sore from gobbling up as much dick as you can to please her.


Ready to become the Cuckold Fluffer of your wife’s dreams?

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